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О компании
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The DPS company was formed in 2018 through the merger of several engineering teams that have been working together since 2012 and have vast experience in all areas of IT system integration. Each of the main specialists was engaged in the integration of the most complex systems, the complex of which included thousands of modules of hardware, software and structural solutions. 

We are professionally engaged in:

-Networks and Data-centers:(Design and installation of cable systems and information networks, cross rooms, containment areas, situational and dispatch centers). 

-CCTV:(Integration of video surveillance systems,  installation and configuration of thermal imagers, supply and commissioning of drones for security and control of engineering structures)

- Access control:(Design and integration of turnstiles, barrier systems, biometric access systems and solutions for staff time tracking and things management)

- Security alarm:(Integration of modern, wireless security, alarm and fire alarm systems, with controls for your facility, control from a smartphone and connection to a security company console)

-Smart home / office:(Setting up scenarios and automating the complex of installed equipment, including: video cameras, alarms, scenario start buttons, automatic sockets, automatic lighting, sensors (motion, door/window opening, water leakage, smoke, gas, vibration), etc.

- Data protection:(Supply, configuration and TP: Data storage systems, Cross-platform / hardware / situational centers, Anti-virus systems, Anti-spam, Email protection, etc.)

Including, in the list of our main competencies: Multimedia / Structuring of low-voltage networks / Uninterruptible power supply systems / Assembly of switchboard equipment / Construction of conference rooms with video conferencing

Among our vendors are companies that are market leaders and offer the most advanced solutions in any price range.

DPS -We offer complete solution, best price, aesthetic implementation according to international standards - that's what provides a new level in the concept of IT system quality with an unprecedented 36 months work guarantee.




Access control systems

Networks and data centers

Smart home / office

Video conferencing and multimedia




Government agencies

Private companies

and a large number of private customers



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Rubicon LOGO.jpg


Integrated security solutions

Tel.: +7 (702) 777 6019

Astana, Kazakhstan

010088, st. Imanova 19, office - 912

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