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Alarm and fire alarm

Professional solutions in the field of detection of critical situations, such as burglary, entry into an object or fire and flood, their localization and notification. DPS - minimizes the risks of such situations.

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Ukrainian manufacturer and developer of software in the field of alarm and fire alarm systems. 

Winner of the "Best European Security System" award in 2018, 2019 and 2020. 



Thanks to MotionCam, you will know about the real situation at home even before the robbers realize that they have been caught. Following an instant alarm, the sensor will send an animated series of photos to assess the situation.


FireProtect Plus

A wireless fire detector with temperature and carbon monoxide sensors monitors the safety in the room around the clock and instantly reports a dangerous level of CO, the appearance of smoke.


KeyPad Plus

KeyPad Plus uses DESFire® technology to quickly and securely identify users. This is the best in class solution for contactless communication, which allows you to identify the user by a card or key fob.

DESFire® is based on the international ISO 14443 standard and combines comprehensive 128-bit encryption and copy protection. This technology is also used in the transport systems of European capitals and access systems at NASA.

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