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Access control and attendance

Equipment manufacturers

Access control and management system, ACS (Eng. Physical Access Control System, PACS) - a set of software and hardware security devices aimed at restricting and registering the entry and exit of objects (people, vehicles) in a given area through "passage points": doors , gate, checkpoint. We use the best technical solutions for ACS.


International company BAS-IP ltd. (Great Britain) since 2008 has been developing intercom systems based on IP video surveillance and IP telephony technologies. Having chosen the direction of IP intercoms as a priority and the main one, BAS-IP was able to create and put into serial production a wide range of equipment that meets modern requirements in a fairly short time - from individual intercoms to access control systems. The company pays special attention to the design of devices and user interface, as well as simple and accessible functionality.



Large 10" IP video intercom with 1280x800 resolution IPS LCD touch screen. The intercom is made in a stylish aluminum case.

For the convenience of residents, there is an elevator call button in the navigation panel on the main screen of the monitor, thanks to which you can call an elevator directly to the floor. The AT-10 monitor is open for installation of third-party applications of any systems and manufacturers. This gives almost limitless possibilities for controlling home automation. If you already have a Smart Home system from another manufacturer, all you need to do is install that manufacturer's mobile app on your BAS-IP monitor.



The panel supports automatic face recognition upon approach and UKEY mobile access, and an open API has been developed for integration with third-party systems. The panel has a 10-inch touch screen with an intuitive graphical interface and a convenient guest book with the ability to display photos of apartment owners or company logos. Downloading custom menu designs and unique welcome melodies will make your LCD stand out from the crowd. The panel supports UKEY mobile access, which allows you to open the door using your smartphone. At the same time, you can use ordinary key fobs or access cards.



The touch, non-contact exit button SH-45 is made of durable stainless steel and has an almost unlimited resource of pressing - more than 50 million clicks.

Attendance Software

Brief description of the Hikvision solution


   Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products and turnkey video surveillance solutions. Hikvision products include analog cameras, IP cameras, hybrid DVRs, NVRs, standalone DVRs, digital video servers, speed dome cameras, and thermal cameras. The direction of identification by facial biometrics, fingerprints and the presence of a mask is developing very actively, in the context of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. Hikvision named one of the top 3 security companies in A&S's Security 50


The iVMS4200 software package will significantly increase the functionality and comfort of using the time tracking system, providing the user with access to both the video surveillance system and other security systems.

Pavel, director of our partner organization, will tell you in detail about the softwarePIPL.UA

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